Race explained

The Miss and Out:

(or Devil Take the Hindmost) is a race run for individual competitors. At the end of every lap or every set number of laps the last rider to cross the line is eliminated from the race. When just a handful of riders remain, they sprint for the finish.

Tactically, the real racing in a "devil" happens at the back of the field. With riders at the front riding steadily and those behind moving up on the elimination laps to find a safe spot, the race favours riders with nerve.





Riders follow behind a pace rider for the first few laps. The pacer increases speed before pulling off into the centre  leaving the riders to sprint to the finish. Riders try to get the best position before the sprint but they have to stay behind the back wheel of the pacer.

This is a sprint race which is fun-filled and action-packed!



Italian Pursuit:

A team pursuit race in that each team drops a rider at the completion of every lap until only one rider per team is left to race in the final lap. The winner is the rider with the fastest time.


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