Bike Check List

25 Jul 2016


1.Frame: if damaged/bent frame and forks do not use bike

2. Check brakes work + adjusted. (fully on: lever should have been pulled approximately half way to the handlebars).

3.Brake levers - securely attached

4.Cables not frayed.

5.Brake pads are not worn + at least 1mm between the pad and rim.

6.Check headset by engaging front brake and seeing if there is any rocking movement when gently push on the handlebars.

7.Wheels run freely, with no wobbles/buckles.

8. Loose spokes (run your hand over the spokes).

9.Tyres are correctly inflated

10. Tread is not worn + no splits/  cracks /holes.

11. Hubs and axles -Bolts and quick-release  securely tightened.

12. Saddle is straight + not loose + height is correct. The riders knee should be slightly bent when the ball of their foot is on the pedal and the pedal is at its lowest point

13.Handlebars and stem are straight and in line. Not loose
Check handlebar end plugs.

14. No movement in the bottom bracket or cranks by holding one crank still and trying to move the other crank.
Check that the pedals rotate freely.

15.Chain is lubricated properly + not slack/ rusty. Properly adjusted gears, lubricated, +cables not frayed

16. BMX trick nuts
For safety reasons, these should be removed if
group riding is included in the session.


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